Yet Another Korean Translation Mistake in Google Android

My tablet recently upgraded itself and the following message appeared during the process:


It says:

Android is upgrading… 

Optimizing 92 of 116 apps

So the device is only optimizing 92 apps and it is not going to optimize the other 24? 

What Google meant to say was:

Android is upgrading…

Optimizing the 92nd of 116 apps

So, the correct translation should be

Android 업그레이드 중

앱 116개 중 92번째 것을 최적화 중




2 Responses

  1. ILHOON YOON says:

    Sir, this is an amazing blog that you’ve created here.
    Thanks to you, I’m learning a lot about how certain Korean words are translated into English terms and expressions.
    Can’t believe you don’t have more likes and comments!
    Happy Lunar New Year! 😉

  2. Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too!