A Korean Translation Error in Microsoft Word 2013

This is the standard print dialogue in the Korean version of Microsoft Word:


The text in the red circle says "Number of pages" (as in one page, 20 pages, etc.). However, as explained by the pop-up tip in the blue box, it's the spot for entering which pages to print (such as pages 5-10, or pages 5, 7 and 8).

The original English version would have said something like "Page numbers". But in Korean the correct translation here should be "페이지 번호/범위", which literally means "Page numbers/range".



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  1. That is a point against Microsoft for some. An error like that should have been easy to spot. Microsoft needs to improve their proofreading team as well as keep a close eye on their translators. So many translation errors and to think that it should have been simple and easy to spot.

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