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I’ve been involved with Korea and Korean business for many years, and am proud that thousands of people and companies around the world have found the Korean business information in my online and offline resources helpful for furthering their careers and results in Korea.

Because of this, I get a steady stream of inquiries requesting support of all kinds. The purpose of this page is to outline the ways I can and will help, and to share insights about how to get the answers you need.

Korean Translation Services

I offer the very best Korean translation support in business fields, including management, economics, finance, HR, marketing and accounting. By working with me, you not only benefit from the translation expertise I’ve gained from over 20 years in the field, but also business and cultural insights about Korea and Korean business. You can download my resume here for full details about my background.

Please email me directly about Korean translation services at

General Advice and Questions about Korea and Korean Business

If you reached this page because you read a weblog post or other online commentary I provided and you have a related question, please go back to that post or discussion and ask your question there. (Make sure your question is related to the post or discussion!) I don’t generally answer random emailed questions that come from strangers, but I do enjoy engaging in discussions on this blog or elsewhere online where I’ve been active.

I am also not interested in “business opportunities” in Korea or elsewhere (especially multi-level marketing opportunities) and am focused only on fee-for-service based translation and consulting work.

4 Responses

  1. kumar says:

    Mr stewen,
    I’m from sri Lanka. me and my husband have E92 visa.we married last year October in south Korea. we are like to stay in Korea long husband visa expire in 2018 January.if you know can i change our E92 visa for other visa.please if you know solution.please reply me.
    Thank You.

  2. Dawn Edgecome says:

    Dear Steven
    I work at a hagwon in Suwon-si. My husband wants to join me, but he is still a student (BA in Education, just finished second year). We are from South Africa, and it seems that he can only get a 30-day tourist visa. Can you please give me advice on how we can get him to stay with me, as we are planning on staying in Korea permanently.
    Thank you

  3. David Yong says:

    I applied for the F-5 visa on 1/24/2018. I want to check the status of my application. They require the application number. I can’t seem to find the application number. My question is how and where to find the application number.

  4. Sophie Strongwalk says:

    Dear Steven Bammel
    I am currently studying to become a translator/interpreter for German-English. After spending some years learning Korean I would like to broaden my future job opportunities by becoming familiar with Korean Business (speak, translating business letters as well as business/economy articles etc.). However, I find it hard to find resources on the Internet or courses that teach the above mentioned subjects.
    If you know where to look or if you have any information on this matter, please let me know. It would help me tremendously.
    Keep up the good work and thank you in advance,