Korean Translation Tip: Korean is Taller and Skinner Than English

In a previous post, I mentioned about how Korean doesn’t take as much horizontal space as English.

Today I’m going to tell you this great feature of Korean is a two-edged sword….

That’s because converting Korean tables to English can be a big hassle since Korean is so skinny and tall….

Here’s a Korean table I was asked to translate recently:

8-8-2012 5-55-58 AM
It’s got 11 columns!! Without extra effort, here’s what the table will look like in English:

8-8-2012 6-00-10 AM


That’s why I actually had to reduce the English font size and do some fine-tuning of box widths to get it to fit, and I used two lines even though the Korean only needed one.

This is what I delivered:

8-8-2012 5-58-03 AM
Best Practices Tip – When doing translations from Korean to English of tables, if formatting is important, then you may want to make sure your translator is familiar with working with tables in Word because he or she will need those skills to adjust the boxes. (You might want to budget a bit of a formatting fee, too.)

BTW, here’s a tutorial on preparing tables in Word that you might find useful.

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