Tips for Handling Your Korean Translations (Tips #1-8)

Over the last several months, I've posted seven translation tips here, each with a Best Practices Tip, to help readers and translation clients handle their Korean-language projects better.

In case you missed any of them, here they are again. (BTW, most of these will take you less than 30 seconds to read.)

  1. How to Avoid a Major Korean Translation Error Like this One in the Google Android Interface
  2. Don't Make Errors Like This One in the Microsoft Windows 7 Korean Interface
  3. What to Make of the Standard Korean Greeting/Questions Hybrid
  4. Avoid Getting Tripped Up by This Quirk of Punctuation Usage in Korean
  5. Sometimes a Good Korean Translation DOESN'T Translate Important Stuff
  6. "Dear Mr. & Mrs. So-and-So" Isn't What You'd Expect in Korean
  7. Don't Sweat Text Length Limitations in Korean, Especially for Online Localization
  8. Literal Korean Translation of Holiday Greetings May Not Be Your Best Approach

Lots more tips on the way….

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