Korean Translation Tip: This Week’s Episode of “Steven’s Believe It or Not!”

I want introduce you to another language quirk in Korean that affects a lot of our projects, especially websites.

It’s the fact that Koreans rarely translate the words “Copyright” or “All rights reserved” in the footer of their websites.

I have no idea why.

But if you don’t believe me (or just want to see what I mean), check these major Korean corporate sites out:

Isn’t this crazy? Everything else on the site is in Korean, but these two phrases are left in English!

I’m afraid my team has gotten pretty beaten up over this issue over the years and is now trained to usually provide translations since Western clients generally don’t like seeing a few words left in English after they’ve paid for a Korean translation… but..

Best Practices Tip: You are actually providing a more authentic Korean translation by leaving “Copyright” and “All rights reserved” in English on a Korean website than by translating them!

Bonus Tip: Koreans do this in their books too! Check this out:

  8-8-2012 4-47-28 AM
OK, this completes this week’s episode of “Steven’s Believe It or Not”.

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