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Certificate of Translation Competence, Grade I

In April I posted my Certificate of Translation Competence, Grade II. I went back for the Grade I test last month and just got notification online that I passed. Until I receive the official certificate by mail, this screenshot from the Korean Society of Translators will have to suffice as evidence (my name is the one shown with the red box near the top). Only two people passed at the top level of Grade I this time around, and I'm not aware of any other non-heritage translators who have passed at this level before.

* September 19, 2011 – I just picked up my certificate. It can be viewed here.

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Korea Business Advisor (Seoul Magazine) – Supplement to the Article “Two Things to Remember About Korean Job Titles”

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My latest column for Seoul Magazine's September issue discussed job titles in Korea and how the traditional organizational hierarchy is alive and well in Korean companies. To go deeper into this topic, visit the links below.


** CLICK HERE to read he full article on Korea Business Central.