Is It Just Me, Or Is This Korean Online Banking Process Too Complicated?

I've been doing this for years now, so I've pretty much figured things out and it looks pretty straightforward in the video. Still, back when I was getting set up, I remember spending hours and hours at it. Even today, just one wrong number and the whole process falls apart (and three failures in a row and the account shuts down, making you go to the bank to get it working again). In fact, the reason I thought to prepare this recording is that in my first time through I got all the way to the last step and did something wrong, which made me start over and think to record my second try. 

I should also point out that this is ONLY possible in Internet Explorer. Ecommerce stuff doesnt work in Korea under any other browser… by government order! (Fortunately, this rule was relaxed recently but the number of Korean sites which are now browser independent still approaches zero.)


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  1. Thankyou! Finally someone who speaks about this.
    One would think that any banking, government, or other major website would build in cross browser compatibility as is standard practice internationally. However, this is obviously not the case with even the immigration website not running correctly on anything but IE (and even then there are errors).
    The IE only browser issues are EXTREMELY prevalent in Korea. I myself prefer to use OSX over windows which constantly hinders anything I do online in Korean sites. Most require either IE to perform correctly, or windows to run web plugins that without the correct installation of render their sites useless!
    I am very impressed with internet speed, website design, and animations in Korea, but the IE and windows only requirements are truly frustrating. Nearly everyone has an iPhone here so why do they not build in Safari and Firefox compatibility?

  2. Give them time. I think Korea’s moving in the right direction on browser compatibility… finally! It’s really amazing they’ve stayed so Explorer-dependent for so long.

  3. Greg Sheen says:

    I think most foreigners in Korea go through this pain, most just give up on online banking altogether, but I think like yourself Steve, I made it work. The funny thing is, most of Koreans look at me strangely when I question the process, like as if to say, isn’t this normal for all banking around the globe…. 🙂

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