I've been trying hard at Korea Business Central to defend Koreans from charges that the Korean education system stifles creativity in meaningful ways and to say that Korea is moving beyond their past ways of simply "benchmarking" against successful business approaches in the West.

They don't make my job any easier though with the following examples. Copying the business model is one thing, but copying every last aspects of a site (all the way down to site name and color scheme, in the case of LinkNow) is pretty galling… 

LinkedIn vs. LinkNow

1-18-2011 3-08-23 PM


1-18-2011 3-08-50 PM

Groupon Vs. KooKooFun

1-18-2011 3-11-24 PM
1-18-2011 3-13-57 PM

4 Responses

  1. Dave Woods says:

    We appreciate your efforts, Mr. Quixote.

  2. Thanks, Dave. I know that was heartfelt.

  3. HubOfErik says:

    To be fair in the second example, KooKooFun is hardly the leader in social commerce in Korea. That market is dominated by TicketMonster and Daily Pick. (Actually the latter was just acquired by the former, further reinforcing their position in the market.)

  4. Greg Sheen says:

    I think every up and coming country goes through a element this at some stage, 70’s & 80’s it was Japan, yes Korea somewhat now, and most definitely China now, just look at the car & technology designs.